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Thank you so much for this tutorials, they are so clear and easy to ustnrndaed. My question is: How can I link posts that I make to the static pages or tabs that I have created. I have seen some photographers blogs that they link them with the labels at the bottom of each page. Please help!


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Essays like this are so important to <a href="">brinneaodg</a> people's horizons.


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Se9verine26 septembre 2012Alors e7a c est une super ide9e ! Merci de l avoir fait , ce dico va beoucaup me servir : je me lance dans la couture avec les patrons Colette et comment dire mon anglais est scolaire et loin derrie8re moi. MERCI !!!! [url=]hizwlgax[/url] [link=]oggiqocc[/link]


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Can I customize the<a href=""> niovgatain</a> bar using a design I have in Photobucket using the Template Designer?[]Nicole Reply:April 27th, 2012 at 8:13 amHi Dynise,I think I understand you want to put a pattern/image in the background of the navbar? If so, you'd want to look for this code in your HTML:.tabs-inner .widget ul {and then add this in it somewhere background-image: url( imageurlfromphotobucket.jpg );Hope that helps![]


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Le proble8me de ces saucissons, c est qu une fois qu on y a gofbte9, les atreus paraissent tre8s fades en comparaison.Bref, je ne reave plus que d une chose de9sormais : que SaucissonSec lance un syste8me d abonnement de toute urgence, pour pallier e0 cette nouvelle addiction gourmande


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