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What great suggestions. it's amaznig what you can learn about people just by hearing what they're reading :).cr: i have that one on hold. good to hear another recommendation on it before i check it out.tabitha: I liked the Stargirl book, though I agree it was a little...different.fiona: the stand is my absolute favorite sk book. And i agree with my fellow Kingite, Angela, that he's an amaznig writer.vijaya: good luck with the puppy training. that can be SUCH a pain.just me: I need to read a Pratchett book. for some reason, I don't think I ever have.keri, pj, and tarra: I've added some of your books to my to-read list.sara: i don't know ian rankin. what does he write? [url=]czzviofax[/url] [link=]pllokvbc[/link]


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That's really <a href="">thkniing</a> at a high level


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Hello! I am trying to make a menu bar but am hanivg some difficulty getting it to look how I want it to How did you get rid of the dividing lines in your menu bar above? And how do I make a menu button link to an outside page? Thank you soooo much!!![] [url=]oglwwlxbc[/url] [link=]uoenzmgpfdi[/link]


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Thanks for this tutorial! It <a href="">relaly</a> helped. My only problem is that the Template Designer doesn't give me any tab options. I think it might be because I have a <a href="">relaly</a> old template. Any suggestions?[]Nicole Reply:March 29th, 2011 at 6:44 pmHi Kristie, Hmm it sounds like you may have an old template. If you've already upgraded to the Template Designer but not able to see a tabs option, that would be my guess. I know Blogger has updated their template system several times. If you don't have any template design customizations, I'd maybe try updating to a current template. Hope that helps![]


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Vos saucissons sont vrnameit excellent ! J ai particulie8rement adore9 ceux aux champignons, aux noisettes et sanglier.J ai de9guste9 cela en ape9ritif avec des amis. Ils ont vrnameit adore9.Petite suggestion : Pensez vous faire un syste8me d abonnement ? genre je veux recevoir 5 saucissons tous les 2 mois.Votre site me donne trop faim !


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